4-season Glass

SGG PLANITHERM 4S is manufactured by laying a very fine transparent film of metal material on a transparent sheet of glass. This coating has low conductivity and a dual function: it reflects the high-frequency infrared radiation typical of thermal energy, and at the same time reflects a large part of the solar energy. The manufacturing of SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass takes place in vacuum chambers. The metal film is laid on one side by cathode bombardment.


SGG PLANITHERM 4S helps you save energy both in summer and in winter. In the summer, the cooling costs are reduced by at least 40%, and in the winter the heating costs drop by half, compared to the regular double glazing.

CleanControl – Naturally clean

As all other construction materials, window profiles are also exposed to the external weather conditions and to soiling, and require periodic cleaning. The Development Department of Profine has developed a treatment process for the materials based on photocatalysis, thanks to which the customer gets almost entirely self-cleaning windows.
The treated surface contains microscopic titanium dioxide (TiO2) particles, whose effect is to make the organic dirt decompose under the influence of light and water. As a result, the buildings with large window surfaces gain a lot in terms of neat look and drastic reduction of cleaning costs.

AluFusion – One of a kind combination

Thanks to the specific binding method of the AluFusion Profine System, it manages to combine the two materials – aluminium and plastic – in a very unique way. They complement each other, each with their own strengths, and together they increase their mutual benefits. The best from each: warmth, peace and high efficiency ensured by the plastic, and on the outside – the simple aesthetics and durability of the aluminium. With its excellent statics, AluFusion is extremely suitable for large windows.

GlassWin – The Architecture of the Future

The GlassWin system allows structural glazing of plastic profiles. Similar to the solutions used in the automotive industry, the glass elements are glued to the PVC profiles with special silicone glue. This lends the elements a significantly improved level of statics and uncovers a completely unknown field for development in architecture. Thus for the purposes of more artistic design, buildings can be equipped with glass elements with very thin window profiles.

PremiDoor – A Door to a New Dimension

The lift and slide system of PremiDoor gives excellent opportunity for flexible and very ethereal glazing, especially in very large spaces, such as generous passages to gardens and terraces. This gives rise to various interesting options for optical design of spaces.
And all this can be accomplished in accordance with the highest quality requirements.
Because Profine’s PremiDoor is a real premium-class product. Placed on the base of a 70-mm profile system, PremiDoor gives optimal results in terms of insulation, durability and sealing capacity. Regardless of its large size, PremiDoor by Profine slides very smoothly and allows freedom of movement.

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