2015 Oulu, Shopping Center Valkea, in collaboration with Skanska Ltd

Tiling of 13 000m2 (corridors, restrooms and the kitchens)

2012 Levi, Hullu Poro Oy

Renovation and conversion of 40 module houses into a apartment hotel

2009 Levi, Hullu Poro Oy

Renovation of 190 hotel rooms

2008 Levi, Hullu Poro Oy

The construction of six new restaurants and renovation of 3 restaurants

2013 Stockholm, Akelius Fastingheter AB

Renovation (updating) of Akelius-housing concept's 50 empty apartment, sealing of 250 apartment as part of passive house project, tiling and painting of 150 entrance (3-layered stairways), construction of 50 porch

2012 Åre, Östersund

Exterior painting of 20 Alpine house, painting of 25 staircase and tiling of 10 bath room

2012 Stockholm, Akelius Fastingheter AB

Renovation of 50 apartment, painting of parking garage and 100 stairways, tiling of the entrances

2011 Tukholma, Akelius Fastingheter AB

Renovation of 1121 apartment, replacement of 700 windows, the construction of a replacement HVAC system (13 floors in the building), painting of 25 stairways and replacement of the lighting

2010 Umeå, Akelius Fastingheter AB

Renovation of 150 apartment, Replacing of 300 windows.

2009 Haparanda, Akelius Fastingheter AB

Renovation of 44 apartment, replacing of 150 windows, replacement of the roof, insulation, repair of the attic space, painting​ of the stairways

Tromsø, in collaboration with subcontractor Consto As

  • Vangberg bolig
  • Scandic Ishavshotel: Total responsibility of wide renovation; tiling, painting, lobby, kitchen, restaurant, conference facilities and extension of the hotel with 27 rooms. Project duration 6 months.
  • Comfort Express hotel: Construction of the interior; 7 corridor space and 230 rooms
  • Patient Accommodation, University Hospital: responsibility for the construction of all interior; walls, ceilings, painting, tiling. A total of 17 floors and 242 rooms. Project duration 9 months.

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